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In the past two decades, there has been much interest in dental laser applications with an explosion of research in this field.

Laser is used to treat caries, lesions, bleaching, hypersensitivity, cavity preparation, wound healing, photodynamic therapy etc and the list goes on…

At Ace Family Dentalcare, we believe in minimal dentistry. Laser has been proven to be effective to increase efficiency, ease and comfort of dental treatment.

Our licensed laser dentists are certified with AALZ Acchen Laser Centre, Germany, we use dental lasers on a daily basis to refine conventional dentistry with advance technology. Laser acupuncture is also applied for healing and pain control in a non-invasive way by our certified dentists. Visit us to experience more comfort in modern dental treatment. Call us at 64488495.


Modern technology, complete confidence.

Experience counts in examination and diagnosis of your dental problems.

At Ace Family Dentalcare, our dentists have years of experience in diagnosing your dental concerns and assist you in solving them.

We invest substantially in modern diagnostics technologies to enhance our “vision “ in diagnosis.

These technologies enable better diagnosis in every case for a less invasive and safer outcome.

Designed for safety and comfort, it gives you the confidence that we arrive at a diagnosis and solution faster and more precisely.

Caries / Crack Detection

Fluorescence & laser technologies are employed to detect dental caries and cracks. A magnified and illuminated image of the area of concern enables us to detect caries or cracks even in the interproximal (between teeth) region.

These systems provide crucial data for preventive measures and treatment.

Oral Cancer Screening

This is especially crucial for high-risk groups like smokers and frequent alcohol drinkers.

The oral soft tissue can now be inspected with fluorescent technology.
Early signs of abnormalities can be picked up fast so that early lesions can be removed for biopsy.

Digital X-Ray

Digital X-Ray gives important information relating to vital structures and lesions not visible by visual examination for safer diagnosis and treatment planning. We invest in the latest Digital Xray machines to minimise radiation for your peace of mind. Safety both for our patients and ourselves is the top priority.

If you have a dental question and want to know more about how we can help, call us at 64488495


Preventive And Periodontal

A strong foundation for lifelong teeth.

Prevention is better than cure. Preventive dentistry enhances our smiles and ensures better confidence and more enjoyable meals.

At Ace Family Dentalcare, we prefer prevention before any major dental issues. Six monthly checkups are highly recommended, together with general prophylaxis. We want to prevent gum disease, soft tissue abnormalities or initial caries from becoming a full-blown situation causing pain and discomfort.

Our team of dentists and oral health therapist are at hand to advise and assist in maintaining your oral health.

Diet counselling and gum treatment like root planning may be administered as needed.

Feel free to call us for an initial exam with our dentist and oral health therapist to start your path towards better oral health. Call us at 64488495 for an appointment.


Restorative/ Cosmetic filling

At Ace Family Dentalcare, we pride ourselves in choosing the best materials to restore your teeth.
Our specially selected mercury-free tooth coloured filling materials can restore the aesthetic and function of your teeth.


Fancy a set of straight teeth? Our specialist orthodontist can offer you fast results with options of straight wire or invisible braces. Whether you choose the colourful wire option or natural aligner option, feel comfortable to speak to our friendly orthodontics about your treatment plan for your beautiful set of pearlies.

Root Canal Treatment

With modern technology, root canal therapy is less stressful and more predictable. By removing the bad tissues in the tooth, we can renew the ‘life’ of the tooth for many years to come. Check with us today if Root Canal Treatment is an option for your dental condition.

Cerec same day Inlay and Crowns

More than restorations, the Cerec technology from Germany offers aesthetic veneers, ceramic inlays and same day ceramic crowns. Designed for the fast -paced lifestyle of modern times, this cad-cam technology offers fast, clean and beautiful restoration for you usually within the same day.

Dental Implants

Missing a tooth? Instead of the conventional denture and bridge, dental implant is a popular and safe option.
At Ace Family Dentalcare, our dentists have post-graduate qualifications and more than a decade of experience in implant treatment. An almost painless procedure, be on your way to chewing your favourite food soon, talk to us about how implants can help in your unique situation.
Book an appointment with us at 64488495 for your dental needs.

Teeth whitening

At Ace Family Dentalcare, we offer 2 types of whitening service: Chairside whitening and Take home whitening kit.

Prior to whitening your teeth, you will need an oral health check to ensure your teeth and gums are healthy. Our dentists will assess and advise you accordingly.

1) Chairside whitening

This can be done in one visit with treatment lasting up to an hour. Your teeth will be coated with a whitening gel and activated by a LED light.

If you are looking for quick and promising results, this may be the option for you.

2) Take home whitening kit

This consists of a customised whitening tray and prescription of whitening gels. Customised trays allow the gel to coat each tooth surface better than off the shelf trays. The customised trays also limit the gel overflow to your gums which can cause irritation and burns. With prescription gels, you will be able to control the degree of sensitivity and whiteness to your liking.

If you wish to do it at your convenience and save time on the dental chair, this may be the option for you.

Teeth whitening treatment may vary from one individual to another. If you wish to whiten your teeth and brighten your smile, call us at 64488495.


For a lay person, the word surgery is not very pleasant to most. Friends and relatives often relate their experiences of a tooth removal to horror stories that frighten many. However, personal experiences vary and all depends on their individual conditions at the time of procedure, the skill and experience of the surgeon.

At Ace Family Dentalcare, we have our team of dentists and in-house surgeon at hand to care for you.Our aim is to minimise discomfort whether it’s just a simple extraction or a surgery procedure.

We care by performing the procedure with swift precision using modern techniques and anaesthetics to achieve mostly painless experiences.

Our oral surgeon has a high regard for the safety of our patients.
Diagnostics are used to ensure vital structures are safe before proceeding with any procedures. Care is placed in explaining each procedure and it’s aftercare to all our patients.

Do feel free to meet our friendly surgeon for a consultation if you have any queries. Call us at 64488495.