About Ace Family Dentalcare

Ace Dental is a trusted brand and visited by families & friends of our members for more than 15 years. Welcome to join us. We are located in the east of Singapore at Bedok. This is a favourite place for a wide variety of famous hawker fare in Singapore.In a place where food is all around, we have a responsibility to take good care of our member’s oral health and function.

Our dental professionals constantly upgrade the tools and knowledge of our trade and transform technology into exceptional experiences and benefits for you. See you around and Bon Appetit.

Quality and Environment

At ACE Family DentalCare, we adhere strictly to the international guidelines for health and safety of the environment.

Our rooms are equipped with Ultraviolet sterilization installations and we also install air purification devices in common areas and implement strict infection control methods.

We use the latest Class B vacuum autoclave for sterilizing our instruments.

ACE Care


Active pursuit in the perfection of our art of dentistry


Beautifying smiles from inside out to restore confidence


Applying international standards to the safety of dentalcare